English Spot is the place where your child will have a chance to communicate in English both with the teachers and peers, and immerse in an English speaking environment.


Speaking English becomes natural   as everyone around speaks this language. Thus, children extend their vocabulary in a natural way, activate the expressions and words that they have known passively so far. In English Spot they gain knowledge from various fields, acquire valuable skills and develop their manual, artistic and sports skills in a friendly and inspiring setting. The Saturday classes are fun, engaging and liked by the children participating in the programme.

  • classes on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm 
  • for primary school children aged 6/7 to 12 
  • lessons taught by native English primary teachers 
  • course designed to cater for needs of bilingual kids and those with good communicative command of English 


  • spelling and writing 
  • presenting opinions through books reviews 
  • public speaking through presentations and speeches 
  • perseverance  
  • verbal communication 
  • collaboration 
  • dedication 


Lexis expansion  

  • knowledge of grammar – syntax  
  • vocabulary from various fields of science  

Cultural component 

  • knowledge of history, geography, literature of English speaking countries i.e. the UK, the USA and Canada, Australia 
  • customs and traditions of the English speaking countries 
  • arts & crafts 
  • arts projects 


  • basic terminology from such fields of science as biology, physics, chemistry coupled with handson experiments 
  • thematic units cover a range of subjects including History, Geography, Art and PE 


by peer interaction 

by immersion in an English speaking classroom 

by interdisciplinary approach in curriculum design 

by natural growth of the language through exposition to different fields of science and knowledge (Live Sciences, History, Geography, Art, Literature) 


stress-free, inspiring and motivating classroom meant to encourage children to pursue knowledge and better understanding of the world around 

  • motivational system to encourage each individual student to challenge himself/herself in overcoming weaknesses and building up strengths 

harmonious development of the children on social, intellectual and emotional levels