India Day

With an ancient and rich history, India is the land of the snowcapped majestic Himalayas and numerous flowing rivers, of the still and scenic backwaters and the white sandy beaches.

Its countless Gods and the fragrance of incense, its unique forms of expression through dance and yoga, its beautiful designs seen in the art of rangoli, its luxurious and colorful attires, its appetizing yet piquant flavors to suit every palette and its array of vibrant colors for as far as the eye can see - this is Incredible India.

On 28th March 2015, The English Spot team at Primus Foundation held a four-hour workshop on India conducted by Mrs. Komal Sanam Bojwani.

Two presentations, an Overview of India - for all the students aged 4 – 14 and a detailed presentation covering the timeline of India’s history for the eldest group was presented.

Some of the students who shared their teacher’s passion for cooking prepared Chicken Biryani - a popular and flavorsome dish of Basmati rice cooked with marinated chicken and spices of India. They also made an Indian bread with a filling of mashed potatoes and cottage cheese with Indian herbs.  The art and craft lovers among our children along with Mr. Marston created beautiful designs with theirnimble fingers using colored sequences, beads and glass colors during the rangoli workshop.

Mr. Meredith and his group, the eldest of all students worked on an IT poster research and presentation. Mrs. Gorska & Mrs. Trynkos dressed in beautiful and exquisite saris, ensured smooth functioning of all activities lending their expert touches throughout the workshops.                                 

The grand finale towards the end of an eventful and fun filled day was the open exhibition whereparents were invited. Students’ artistic creations, culinary art, IT research poster presentation, books on Indian mythology, Indian artifacts, Spices and Pulses of India and traditional clothing were showcased. A short documentary film on Incredible India highlighted the essence of India.

Summing it up India Day was a special day that children and parents fondly took back with them and are looking forward to more fun and activities from the English Spot team.


Stay tuned with our page for further updates on our fun packed and enriching learning programs. We will be back with more. We are always happy to hear from parents. Do share your thoughts and suggestions to make our lessons at The English Spot enjoyable and wholesome.



The English Spot Team