Piknik Rodzinny w "Rancho pod Bocianem"
Szanowni Państwo, Drodzy Przyjaciele naszej szkoły, XV, doroczny Piknik Rodzinny w „Rancho pod Bocianem” już za nami. Podobnie jak...
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   Szkoły Fundacji mają ogromny prestiż na terenie Ursynowa i Warszawy. Nasze szkoły słyną z poziomu kształcenia. Są przyjazne dzieciom, promują aktywność, kreatywność, ciekawość świata, pasję poznawc[...]
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Primus Foundation was established as a non-profit organization in 1992. The founders were a group of enthusiasts who desired to create „a dream school” for their children.
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The first founders were the people who took advantage of the possibility of creating private schools according to the newly established laws concerning running the schools by non-governmental institutions. They decided to open and run a primary school as well as a secondary one and provide the students with the higher level of education than the one available in regular state schools. The Foundation manages Private Primary School no 47 and Private Junior High School no 9. There are separate units, owning their own statutes and educational programmes.

The Foundation hires sixty teachers with highest qualifications; they are the people who are devoted to what they do, friendly to the children, identifying with the Foundation and its goals.

The schools of the Foundation possess a great prestige in the area of Ursynów and Warsaw; they are famous with their high level of education, they are also friendly to their students, they call attention to activeness, creativity, widespread interests and passion for gaining the knowledge. The Foundation has its own modern and ecological building in Kabaty, Warsaw, where the students feel safe and which we all are proud of!

Uczniowie przyjeżdżają do szkoły rowerami.

The Foundation keeps cooperating with the state, cultural, educational and non-governmental organizations, yet most of all with the students’ parents.

There is a real family atmosphere in out schools! Moreover, while meeting at the annual picnic we improve the friendly climate between our students, their parents, teachers and the authorities of the Foundation.

The Foundation operates according to law. Its organizational structure is a result of its statute and consists in the following authorities:
• The Foundation Council which works according to the rules of the Foundation statute and the rules of running its meetings and is the most important part;
• The Presidium of the Foundation Council, consisting of 10 members, chosen by the Council out of its associates in the way of passing the resolution. The Presidium of the Council supervises constantly the actual functioning of the Foundation and its authorities;

• The Authorities of the Foundation chosen by the Presidium, represents the Foundation and supervises its wealth.

All the members of the Foundation are the students’ parents. These functions – except for the Chairman of the Council – are non-profitable in order to provide the Foundation with the possibility of cutting the costs of the Council and reasonable usage of its wealth for the statute aims.

English version is edited by Magda Palińska

Fundacja Primus

ul. Zoltana Balo 1

02-793 Warszawa

tel/fax: 0-22 648-28-53

22 648-28-54

22 648-28-55

e-mail: zarzad@primus.com.pl


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