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Wersja angielska

“We learn to know, to act, to be and live together.”

Jacques Delors


We are the open school focusing on students’ activities and achievements in order to support their development and assisting their natural aspirations for learning the surrounding world. The most important for us in everyday work are:

-         the quality of education, high level of teaching

-         the ability to interact and co-operate in the class group, discipline and order

-         students’ tolerance, responsibility and independence

-         activeness, initiative and creativity of students and teachers

-         moulding students’ aspirations, their ambitions, persistence and the ability to compete with others

-         foreign language teaching and moulding pro European attitudes

-         interdisciplinary teaching

-         cooperation with parents based on partnership


What distinguishes us?


We take care of the broad development of our students and it is very important for us the high level of education. That is why a lot of our graduates without much effort are admitted to famous school of higher stage of education.

Thanks to small consisting up to 16 students classes know their students and create them an atmosphere full of warmth, safety and friendship.

Our students like school and often don’t want to go home. Many our graduates visit us and share their joys and sorrows with us. We have existed for 11 years that is why some of them book the place for their children.

We are one of few private schools, which can boast of our own modern and ecological building and sports field. We have also our standard and school anthem.


After school classes


Students of classes from 4 to 6 attend the after-classes clubs: artistic, musical, literary, drama, photographical, sport and dancing. Part of students can take advantage of subject consultation: Polish, Mathematics.

The younger pupils attend logical games, dexterous games, small drama group, artistic circle, sculpture, musical circle, chess, table tennis and dancing.

Pupils from classes 0 to 3 have classes introducing them the elements of computer studies as additional but compulsory.

All the students have swimming classes at the swimming pool.

Participation in all above classes is free.


For especially gifted students


Participation in interests circles and many school and outside school competitions.

The gifted students often fulfill the function of teacher assistants during the lessons and advisor for weaker students during group work during classes. What is more our gifted student work with teachers during subject consultations and get additional exercises to do at home.


Offer for student having difficulties with subjects

From 0 to 3 class teachers carry out the teaching and compensatory classes twice a week and the teacher of common room work with student individually.

The older student can attend regular subject consultations.

There is a chance to attend paid classes with speech therapist and corrective – compensatory classes aimed at students with specific difficulties with learning.

Educational requirements are adjusted to the possibilities and needs of students.


Foreign languages






English is an obligatory language for every student. Students attend English classes five times a week. From fourth grade we divide students into 3 levels depending on the skills and abilities of the learners. In the 4th class student choose the second language – French or German which is carried out twice a week. In the 5th class it is divided into two levels.


Preventive classes


Preventive and educational program as well as the outlines of the lessons for students of every level created by class teachers and psychological and pedagogical committee aims at preventing the unfavorable situations at home an at school.

Program for each class includes: safety problems, health promotion, individual development of students, group integration, communication, assertive behaviour, pro social behavior, solving conflicts, etc.


Competitions, contests and quizzes


Every year our students take part in national and international competitions such as: mathematical, language, natural or artistic.

Our school competitions, quizzes organized by teachers and students are also very popular.

Apart from proving their knowledge, abilities and talents competitions are the great opportunity to test creativity, sense of humour and imagination. Everyone can find chance to show his or her skills.


School organization


In our school we have well-working student council, which takes care of students interests. In a very creative way it co-organizes cultural and artistic life of our school community. It initiates and organizes a lot of events, ceremonies and charity actions in cooperation with teachers and parents.



Every class goes on around ten trips every school year. We attend lesson at museums, lesson at university and higher school as well as scholarly institutes. We go on botanic and recreational trips. We go to the exhibitions, cinemas, theatres, and concert hall. Besides, it is our tradition to attend daylong ceramic classes outside Warsaw. The cost of all these trips is borne by school.

Every day we go on 8-day trip paid y parents, which is aimed at integration of our student and teachers.

Cooperation with different institutions


Our school co-operates with Robert Schumann’s Foundation, Ursynów Municipality, Warsaw University, SGGW, Warsaw Agricultural University (SGGW), Institute of Forestry Research in Sękocin, National Research Institute of Animal Production in Jabłonna, Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin, WSIP publishing house, Warsaw Philharmonic, Ethnographic Museum and Sport and Recreation Center in Piaseczno.


In our schoolteachers create friendly atmosphere which is conductive to realization of broadened curriculums, as well as takes care of introducing our students to basic values – tolerance, responsibility, friendship and disinterest. Interesting and active teaching methods make students learn in cooperation.

Our students are contented and smiling, they use their creativity not only during the classes but also they organize many school events – artistic, scientific, sport and recreational ones. They achieve notable successes in school and outside school competitions.

In our school children learn a few foreign languages, and the knowledge from the classes they use in their everyday lives. We appreciate the cooperation with parents who join eagerly into everyday life of school